Practical Information

Practical information concerning the ESA membership

Benefits: ESA members receive the Members Magazine “European Sociologist”, they get online access to the ESA journals “European Societies” and “European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology”, both published by Routledge, and they pay a substantially reduced fee for the ESA conferences (e.g. 190€ instead of 370€).

Categories: Membership is open to the broad categories of all scholars who contribute to the scientific development of sociological knowledge in or on Europe. There are three kinds of members: regular, student, and institutional.

Duration: The ESA membership lasts two calendar years, with a tolerance of two months. This means, for example, that if you register in November or December 2017, the registration will cover the years 2018 and 2019.

Fees: The ESA membership fee for two years is 150 € (Band 1 countries), 50 € (Band 2 countries), for students 50 €/40 €. If you start registration, you will find a complete overview.